Positive Thoughs


Today I woke up to Glorious Sunshine - Its warmth cut through the chill in my house for the first time in over a week. Beautiful white beams of sunlight, its been missing for so long.

Its giving the furnace a brake not having it run non-stop all day long, it is keeping the propane level up too; and that is a good thing when the average temperature has been in single digits for weeks.

The Sunshine has been SO scares this winter, for the whole country it seems, with most days being gray and windy, the air frozen and still or completely white from snow, and the hope of spring is farther off than we want it to be, but today, the Sunshine gave me hope.  

Seeing how the sun can transform a snow covered field into a blanket of diamonds, glistening and sparkling in the sun light, bring a sincere smile to my face; it reminds me that we have a God with a very active and creative imaginations and that he LOVES diamonds too!

When I see the pine trees wearing snow like a lace curtain and ice crystals shimmering off of a brush, I know that it didn't "just happen," I know deep in my heart that it was all created by an Intelligent God and he shows us these things not only for our pleasure but also for his.

He loves to see us happy, we are his children after all, and every father wants his children happy. He likes to know that we enjoy the things he enjoys and when we take the time to slow down and take a look, this world is full of Awe inspiring scenes that in a moment can change a dreary day into a unforgettable memory. 

Like the Sunshine.

Winter has been so relentless this season. The temperatures as record braking as the amount of snow that has fallen and the appearance of our bright and welcome friend Sunshine warms a room and a heart and remind us all that spring is coming. The thaw that we are all looking forward to is something well worth waiting for and its only a month away.

Spring IS coming.

Spring is on the horizon, bringing with it more Sunshine. Warming, smile creating sunshine. It just makes you feel so good, doesn't it? It warms me to to my bones and boosts my energy; I know it must do the same for you?

Enjoy this day, this Sun-shinny day. 

I hope where you are you are getting your share of this glorious Sunshine and you get a chance to feel some of its warmth on some moment in your life today. 

If nothing else, take a few minutes and let it shine on your face. Ooo its feels so good, and it will give a few minutes to day dream about Spring.

So please, enjoy the sun and this day, find a big window and lay in it, and thank God for it because it is a gift from Him, and what a wonderfully warm gift it is. 

Cheers To Sunshine.