Sunday, February 9, 2014


I believe waiting is a skill that develops over time, and is not something we are born able to do. That is a frustrating fact, but sadly, I believe it is true.

And alas, I have grown accustom to waiting. I have even grow accustom to waiting with patience, and that is much harder to do.

I looked up some statistics on waiting too, and I have to agree that the time we spend waiting is a big chunk of our time.

Especially the time waiting at red lights, that was an eye opener.

According to my source, in an average life, the time spent waiting at red traffic lights is two weeks. For waiting in general, you may be waiting for things for up to five years total in your life.

Five years, waiting for something, in total. WOW!

So naturally, I must ask, what is it you are you waiting for? The love of a life time; that perfect job; to wake up well instead of sick? The guy in front of you in the check - out line to quit talking to the cashier so you can get out of the store and on your way because time is ticking and things need to be done and you left ten minutes late? Where does the fault lie there?

Or are you waiting for nothing? Are you slowly becoming hopeless and empty because you have been waiting so long for something, (you forgot what it was) you are just giving up? 

My advise is this, whatever you do, try to remember what it is you are waiting for and keep waiting ... just never give up.

I, myself, have waited for a few things for a very long time, and I know what it is like to want to give up. I know what it is like to get up every day with nothing different to show for it. Waking up feeling as though nothing positive could come from the day, not even a sliver of hope, just waiting for something, or nothing.

That is always the time that I remember that because I am breathing, I can be hopeful, and wait. I can thank God for this one day,  and be thankful he has given it to me, to wait.

What am I waiting for you wonder? I am waiting for my health to line up with the Word of God. That is my number one thing. 

He is able to do anything, and so my decision to accept and wait on his promise of healing is settled. It is done, because in his Word he says it is already done, so I believe it without question. 

“He himself bore our sins on his body on the Cross, so that we may die to sin and live to Righteousness; for by His strips I have been healed.”  1 Peter 2:24

I have no doubt he has healed me because he said so. When I look at my history with him, he has never disappointed me. He has always come through in bigger and better ways than I had ever hoped for or imagined. 

So I set myself on his word and remain firm.

And I will wait. Patiently wait. Waiting patiently is not always easy either, it requires fighting what my human nature wants and instead submitting to what the Word of God says, but it can be done.

I am living proof of that last statement.

God will come through for me and for you. In the Bible, there were some people that waited a long time to get what God had promised. Abraham and Sarah, Joseph, David, Daniel, Job, Ester, Ruth the list goes on. They all waited, and trusted and God always provided above what they could have dreamed of.(Ephesians 3:20) 

I have join that list of people.

As far as human nature goes, I don’t think waiting has ever been considered something that we are born able to do. I think it is something that we learn from those around us, a nurture trait, and if we are shown no direction on how to wait patiently, we are bound to carry a negative response in testy, time consuming situations.

Waiting can be learned though, and if you are the latter, and find it hard to wait, work on it and pray. God will reveal things to you that you never dreamed were possible.

Above all, it is my hope that whatever it is you are waiting for, you get it soon and it outshines the stars in the sky.

You deserve to get what it is you are waiting for, and I believe you will (in God's timing). And when you finally do get it, you will feel less stress and more blessed than you had ever thought possible.