Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas ... Everyone

Merry Christmas

We celebrate Christmas because it is a most notable day to all mankind; it is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

And without Christmas, we would all be doomed.

To grasp and digest that God sent Jesus for me and for you; to reconcile my sin and yours, so they we are no longer tied to a death sentence; To offer a clean slate for me and all of you; and to offer to all of us, no strings attached, his righteousness and peace; his joy and his health, and all things that are Jesus; That is an awesome and unfailing love; there is complete and total forgiveness wrapped up in it. 

And that is a love we can find in no other.

And so for me, Christmas is the prelude to one of the most amazing Love Stories ever told, and I just have never understood anyone who didn't find some peace and love in such a blessed event.

To fathom that God had such an enormous desire to be closer to you and to me, to show us the deep and faithful love he has for us, and to realize that love is what caused him to send Jesus for us, it is overwhelming and I am so thankfulness for it.

Expressing the meaning of that love for me has proved to be a bit of a challenge in itself, but it has been a pleasant one. Living in the realization that Jesus wants to shower us in His love all the days of our lives takes a little practice; it is something we find so hard to comprehend,  but I think I am catching on and beginning to see the results faith produces when we do finally surrender to that love, and the surrender is getting easier for me, and I pray, for all of you too.

So quickly, a small nugget of truth for me, and that is that Jesus was the biggest game changer in my life over 35 years ago; and he has become the most irreplaceable person in my life. His birthday will always be a day for me to celebrate and remember his love and his sacrifice, and weather I am with a crowd of believes, or standing by myself, I will take the time to remember and celebrate the promise of life brought to everyone through Jesus. 

Christmas began with the not so typical birth of Our Savior; in a most unlikely, surely stinky stable surrounded by a cold, dark night in a land very alien to his father and mother. 

A child born who was fully God and fully man, who once and for all came to put an end to sacrifice and the suffering from sin, with God's ultimate sacrifice, his son; that little baby, Jesus.

Cradled by his mother and admired by so many I am sure she knew her baby Jesus would one day go to the Cross willingly, quietly and humbly; for those of us who so often "know not what we do.” 

What an amazing Savior. What an amazing sacrifice.

Could I do it for anyone? I think not, nor could anyone.

And each day I offer my Thanksgiving for the wonderful gift of Salvation, for without Jesus there would simply be no me, because I would have never made it this far without him. There would be no Me, whom he has fearfully and wonderfully made; who's life was planned before I was even conceived and who, with each new day, strive to reveal him through me to others, walking and always looking forward to what has yet to unfold. I do not want to miss out on what God has for me. 

Missing out on Jesus makes life a dull and lonely place. 

So to all of you I say let us celebrate Christmas; with bright lights and laughter and presents. Let us do it lovingly and with forgiveness, forgetting the old and embracing the new. Let's take the time to truly realize just how much Jesus is in love with each of us, in his own special way and that nothing can separate us from him.

I really think Jesus celebrates his birthday right along with us. He counts the days each year and longs for this day of celebration of millions of hearts, all over the 
world who remember Him, who celebrate Him, who love Him and who embrace rejoicing in Him and His promise; He sees us watching and waiting for him to return. 

What a glorious day that will be.

And lastly, unless it happens today, each Christmas Jesus is waiting patiently, obediently, not becoming anxious for the words from our Father God to come get us, so we can go home and forever celebrate the true reason for Christmas.

My savior and yours; Jesus.

That will be the best Christmas present of all. 

Merry Christmas